Cloud Instruments

Cloud Instruments is building tools to help reduce the tedium of data collection and organization, allowing researchers to focus on analyzing their data instead of wasting valuable time on simply making plots or working on simple calculations.

Our product assists battery researchers by automatically doing calculations and plotting charts from data output by battery testing hardware.


Streamlining data science work

At Cloud Instruments, our mission is to help your data scientists breeze through tedious data collection from testing stations so that they can focus on what really matters - gathering insights on their data.

We provide software tools that cut hours of boring organizational work down to mere minutes, so that researchers can spend their time doing what they do best.

Automate the mundane and fully explore your data

Automatic Plots

Import your data files and generate plots in just a few clicks, choosing from a large selection of axes combinations.

Statistical Analysis

Quickly review your data set with statistical analysis and swap between statistical averages to create accurate graphs.

Deep Insights

Harness the speed of electronic computation to gain new insights from advanced analyses of your data, such as dQ/dV plots.

Cloud Storage

Safely store your data in our secured cloud services to access your work from anywhere.


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